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What Are The Best Options to Dip Soft Pretzels In?

Soft PretzelsNot too many people like to eat plain, unsalted pretzels. One of the nice things about soft pretzels is that you can dip them in different foods and tantalize your tastebuds.

Soft pretzels can be dipped in honey mustard, cream cheese, nacho cheese, ranch dressing, and/or marinara sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, try dipping them in salad dressing, artichoke/spinach dip, or even peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Have you ever dipped a soft pretzel into whipped cream? Try it! How about honey? Go for it. There’s always the tried-and-true butter/margarine to dip your soft pretzel into, which tastes oh-so-good, and if you’d like to mix things up a bit, dip it into salsa or chili!

Now some of the more unusual things people dip their soft pretzels into include lemonade and ice cream– not sure how that tastes, but it might be good. Pretzels are the rare kind of food that seemingly go well with “everything.” Simply made from flour and water, pretzels are easy to make, heat up, and serve. It’s no wonder they’re one of America’s most popular snack foods.

One thing’s for sure: soft pretzels and dips are a staple of events where people enjoy themselves. Almost everybody likes pretzels.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, supplies festivals, charity fundraisers and parties with all sorts of supplies and rentals to ensure guests have a great time eating fun foods like pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, funnel cakes and ice cream.

When you’re having a promotional event in the Florida Panhandle region, Miracle Strip Popcorn is your one-stop fun foods shop. From stands to machines, supplies to packaging, and all the way to clean-up, Miracle Strip Popcorn can make your event awesome. Call 850-864-1139 or email to plan your fun foods event today.

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How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Special

Child's Birthday PartyWhen you think about it, you’re only a “kid” for about twelve or so birthdays of your entire life. Since you’re just starting out in life, it’s important to really enjoy those birthdays because they help set the tone for the rest of your life. Think back to a particular birthday you celebrated as a kid that was amazingly awesome in every way– what made the party extra special?

Kids generally love balloons, animals, costumed characters, and sugary foods and drinks. These things can enliven a child’s birthday party, for sure. Kids also love feeling recognized by everyone else as the special person of their day, so little things like giving them a birthday shirt, button or crown with their name on it to wear for their party can mean a lot to them. Even something like a “chair of honor” for them to sit in on their birthday makes them feel special.

A particularly fun thing to do at your kid’s birthday party is to have guests hide their presents and then have the birthday kid look for them. This can help make the party quite fun, especially when the guests give clues to the presents’ whereabouts.

Now a kid’s birthday party is best when it includes some things they don’t normally get to experience in their daily lives. With that in mind, Miracle Strip Popcorn helps make parties “the best” by offering cotton candy machines, shaved ice/sno-cone machines (especially good for warm Florida days), and other concession products like candy apples, nachos, caramel corn and funnel cakes.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is just a phone call away at 850-864-1139 or you can email to ask about the various fun food supplies available to help make your child’s birthday party extra special this year. From equipment to cleaning supplies, Miracle Strip Popcorn can deliver all your party snack bar needs.

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Does Food Taste Better on a Stick?

Food On a Stick Think back to a time when you were younger. What do you remember about those days? Perhaps you can visualize your time at an amusement park, county fair, or party where you enjoyed eating cotton candy off a stick? Those were happy times, weren’t they?

There’s something fun about eating food off a stick. It’s a novelty for most people because they don’t do it everyday. You can eat cotton candy, hot dogs/corn dogs, and apples off of sticks while you’re walking around a fun place. The sticks make the food portable, and when you’re at a “fun fair” of any kind, you generally are walking around more than sitting around, right?

Consider caramel and candy apples. These taste great, but they’re pretty messy if they’re not attached to a stick. Whomever came up with the idea to put apples on sticks and then cover them with sugary goodness was a genius.

In many ways, eating food on a stick reminds people of their childhood. Most kids have gone places where their parents or caregivers bought them food or snacks on a stick. Suckers/lollipops come on a stick. Lots of candies utilize the stick. The stick is good.

It has been said that food tastes better on a stick. While that’s debatable, we have to consider that food on a stick is usually associated with pleasurable events when family and friends are having fun, typically outdoors in nice weather. So maybe there is some credence to the idea.

Miracle Strip Popcorn is in the business of delighting people with fun food and drink options. As concession suppliers, Miracle Strip Popcorn supplies people with the needed items to make and distribute food on sticks and other party-friendly items. From cotton candy to caramel apples and then some, Miracle Strip Popcorn’s website is full of fun snacks and more to choose from.

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Which Movie Snacks Shine the Brightest?

Movie SnacksA great movie is driven by its stars. Actors and actresses like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Pratt take blockbuster films to the next level while putting butts in the seats. But anyone who loves going to the theater can tell you the real lead in any viewing experience.

The movie snacks.

Everyone has his or her favorite candy, and movie time is perfect for indulging. Chocolate peanuts, sour gummies, and fruity chews are all popular choices at the concession stand. Here at Miracle Strip Popcorn, we like to kick things up a notch with carnival style cotton candy made with one of our professional-grade machines. Nothing can keep you from your candy during the excitement of a movie.

While some like to satisfy their sweet tooth, others lean towards options a little more savory. The best movie snacks also tend to show up at other spectator events, like the ballpark. Hot dogs and nachos, both commonly available at movie theaters, are undeniably delicious options.

By now you’re probably wondering when we were going to mention the biggest star of all. There is perhaps nothing else that goes hand-in-hand so well with a movie as popcorn-salty, buttery popcorn that keeps you munching from the very first scene to the closing credits. Movie theater popcorn makes every other snack an afterthought. Even if you plan on trying something else, the overwhelming aroma that greets you when walking through the door is all it takes to bring you back.

No matter which movie snack you choose, everyone knows you’ll need a tasty beverage to wash it all down. A classic, often overlooked choice is fresh squeezed lemonade, a treat still offered by some of the old-fashioned movie houses. Frozen drinks have become a more popular choice these days. The go by a number of names, but we’re pretty sure our sno-cones and shaved ice can do the trick.

Hungry yet? The best part about these popular movie theater snacks is that you can easily provide them at your next event. At Miracle Strip Popcorn, we sell the equipment you need to make popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, nachos, and a variety of beverages. Once you realize the leading role that movie snacks play, you have the power to take your next big showing to the next level.

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Bring the Stadium Concessions to Your Home for this Year’s Super Bowl

Super BowlSuper Bowl 50 (the NFL is suspending the Roman numerals for this one) will be played Sunday, February 7, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Super Bowl ads this year are going for $5 million for a 30-second spot! It has been said that some people love to watch the Super Bowl ads even more than the game itself. Indeed, the commercials are usually the highlight of many Super Bowl parties.

What can you do to make this year’s Super Bowl party in the Florida Panhandle stand out from all the others? Why not connect with Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply to rent (or buy) stadium concessions for use in your home on game day? Go beyond the norm this year. Sure, a typical Super Bowl party has beer, meat, salad (maybe), and desserts (of course), but what about adding on some surprises for your guests like freshly-made cotton candy or popcorn?

Imagine bringing a bit of the stadium feel into your home by having a proper popcorn popping cart or wagon rolled into your living room– it will definitely be a conversation piece and provide you and your guests with lots of popcorn. Indeed, if you want to mix it up a bit, why not serve freshly popped, warm kettle corn or caramel corn at your party? Miracle Strip Popcorn can make that a reality.

Located in Fort Walton Beach, Miracle Strip Popcorn supplies parties with all sorts of concession equipment and supplies, including hot dog steamers, nacho cheese dispensers, lemon squeezers, frozen drink machines, and the always popular trio of popcorn, cotton candy and “sno kone” machines. Kids and kids-at-heart especially like those. Plus, Miracle Strip Popcorn offers savory seasonings, oils, tubs, cartons, bags, cones and more, ensuring that you’ve got all you need to properly serve tasty foods, drinks and confections to your guests.

Every February the Super Bowl occurs, and people gather together to watch the game, the commercials and the halftime entertainment. It’s a fun yearly event for so many people. This year, add some stadium concessions to your home for the Super Bowl party by calling Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139 or emailing



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What Are the Best Snack Options for a Child’s Party?

We know that you want to make your child’s birthday party as special as possible, which is why we’re here to give you a few ideas. If you’ve been struggling to come up with a plan for the party, you may want to consider a few rental options. Party rentals are a great way to bring something fun and excited to the party without having to spend a lot of money.

So, what exactly could you rent for the party? Let’s start with snacks. Rather than simply order a pizza or bake some cookies, you could add some more excitement to the party by renting a traditional popcorn cart or cotton candy machine. These things will make the kids feel like they’re at a truly special event, and it will give the party a fun festival-like atmosphere.

In addition to renting machines to make snow cones, popcorn, or cotton candy, there are a few other options. If you have the space, you could rent an inflatable bounce house for the kids to play in. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are always a big hit with kids, and they offer the extra benefit of giving everyone a place to burn off some energy. You’re going to need it if they’ve been eating sugary treats all day!

Other rental options include hiring an entertainer like a clown or a magician. Renting some or all of these things will make your child’s special day stand out from the average birthday party, but it’s important to do what they want. Talk to your child about some of these rental options and see what interests them the most!

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Make the Most Out of Your Baseball Banquet

When you think of the All American classic sport of baseball, what do you think of? Eating peanuts in the grandstand, the smell of popcorn by the concession stand, eating frozen sno cones are just a few of the treats that appeal to the senses and make everyone think of baseball. If you are thinking to plan an end of the year banquet for a baseball team, think no harder; we’ve got the ideas covered. A common ground for everyone attending the banquet is most likely that they all have a love, or at least a liking, for baseball. When you think baseball, you must think of all of the goodies as well. If you can plant the American dream sport into their minds, mouths, noses, and memory, why not do it?

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Stand Supply is a company that offers all types of concession stand treats and supplies for any occasion. Whether you want supplies for one time use or for a lifetime, Miracle Strip offers both rental and retail options. As well as offering dry good supplies and utensils, they offer cleaning supplies as well. If you’re planning a one-day party for a large group of people, Miracle Strip will make everyone’s day brighter. By using Miracle Strip, you will feel as if you’re running your own classic and traditional concession stand. Everyone’s favorite concession stand food and treats are all offered in this one stop shop.

What Miracle Strip Has to Offer:

  • Popcorn (Both kettle corn and caramel corn)
    • Different sized poppers and bags of popcorn, carts and wagons, and other supplies
  • Sno Cones, Lemonade, and other Cold Beverages
  • Cotton Candy
  • Shaved Ice
  • Nachos
  • Funnel Cake Fryers
    • Funnel cake pouring pitchers
  • Hot Dog Grills and Steamers
  • Caramel and Candy Apples
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Which Concession Rentals are Ideal for a Child’s Birthday Party?

Concession rentals are a fun addition to any child’s birthday party. Depending on the age of the child and the party theme, there are different options to make your party memorable.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a snack that works for any party. This rental is great for both indoor and outdoor parties and is one that all children will enjoy. Different flavors and toppings can be added depending on the children’s preferences, allowing for an easy yet customizable treat.

Sno Cone or Shave Ice Machine

Sno cones and shaved ice are best for outdoor parties in the summer months. They are a great way to keep cool in the heat, but can become a bit messy with younger children. These machines are a tasty addition to “Frozen” themed birthday parties as well.

Cotton Candy Machine

Carnival or circus themed parties can always use the addition of a cotton candy machine. This sugary treat can also be messy, so wet clothes or wipes are best to have on hand for parties including younger children.

Hot Dog Steamer

Hot dogs are a crowd pleaser regardless of the age of children or party theme. They can be served as a lunch or dinner, making for an easy meal. With condiments, each child can customize their meal to their liking; no worries about picky eaters.

Interested in adding a concession rental to your child’s birthday? Call Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139 or email for pricing and more information.

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Make Your Memorial Day Barbecue Stand Out

Memorial Day is right around the corner, often the telltale sign that summertime barbecue season has begun. Make a lasting impression and add some extra flare to your cookout by adding some sweet treats from Miracle Strip Popcorn.

Whether you’re preparing chicken, ribs or burgers, or something completely different, Miracle Strip Popcorn has a solution to work with your menu and within your budget. Chips, dips and salads are great snack and side options for any grillside day, but fresh popcorn or nachos each make an equally delicious treat to enjoy. A favorite treat for children, popcorn is a simple and easy option that would work for any audience, while nachos are a classic snack in every season.

After the main course, unwind and relax for the day with a delicious dessert from one of Miracle Strip’s treat machines. Whether you’re looking to sate your sweet tooth with sugary cotton candy or caramel corn, or want to cool down with an icy sno cone or shaved ice, these delicious flavors and tastes scream summertime, making them a perfect choice for the kick off barbecue of the season.

Miracle Strip Popcorn also has hot dog steamers and other machines to help put the finishing touches on your start of summer. There are also customized and unique options, if you have a particular special treat or snack in mind. Whether you rent for the day or plan on cooking out for the whole long weekend, no matter your location in the Florida panhandle, Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply is the go-to provider for your tastes of summer.

To secure your Memorial Day rental – and your spot as the cooking king or queen on the block – call 850-864-1139 or email today.

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Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party With A Concession Rental

These days, watching football at home is almost as good as actually being at the game. Huge, flat-screen televisions and surround sound systems can make you feel like you’re actually in the crowd. In fact, you’re probably already planning on watching this year’s Super Bowl at the house of whomever you know has the biggest TV. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of a sofa, a private bathroom, and a fridge full of your favorite beverages.

Still, there’s something missing, isn’t there? Take a big whiff. Can you smell the sweet and savory aromas of fresh popcorn, cotton candy, and tasty nachos? Turns out, there’s something about that stadium atmosphere that you can’t replace.

Or can you? It turns out big-time stadiums don’t have a monopoly on the concession machines that churn out your favorite game day snacks. You can rent the same concession supplies right here on the Florida panhandle at a very affordable rate for your own Super Bowl party.

Whether you’re hosting a party at home or at the public venue, concession rentals are the missing piece, exactly what you need to make your Super Bowl party the one that everyone remembers. Kids and adults alike can enjoy popcorn, sno cones, cotton candy, and much more without needing to stand in the crazy long lines at the stadium.

Miracle Strip Popcorn provides concession rentals for parties and events all over the Florida panhandle. Just be careful. Once you eat real stadium snacks somewhere else, you might never see the point of actually going to a game again.