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Which Concession Rentals Could Enhance Your Holiday Party?

November and December are known for “the holidays,” including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which means there will be lots of parties this season.

If you’re thinking of having a holiday party, consider renting some items to enhance the party so guests will note you’ve gone above and beyond their expectations.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, can supply your party with some unique items, including popcorn (naturally!), cotton candy and sno cones. Create a carnival-like atmosphere in your backyard–or inside your home or event space–and put smiles on the faces of your guests by having them visit the various machines to enjoy their snacks.

While “plain” popcorn is always popular at parties, Miracle Strip Popcorn also offers machines and products so you can offer party guests kettle corn and/or caramel corn, a particular favorite of those in Northwestern Florida. The freshly-popped taste of popcorn can’t be beat, and these machines serve as a focal point of a party, getting guests excited about the out-of-the-ordinary experience of enjoying carnival treats at a holiday party.

In other words, liven up your holiday party with something different– why not have popcorn, cotton candy and sno cones for guests? Kids will LOVE it, and even adults get smiles on their faces when they see the colorful, fun foods available at your party.

Call Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139 to ask about holiday-time rentals. From stands to machines, supplies to packaging, and all the way to clean-up, Miracle Strip Popcorn has what you need to have a great holiday party in the Florida Panhandle.

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Renting A Treat Machine For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

A child’s birthday has a very different meaning for the parent versus the child. To a parent, their child’s birthday is a celebration of one more significant year since they day they were brought into this world. To a child, their birthday means yummy cake and lots of presents!

While it might seem sensible to stick to the basics of a birthday party, a parent really doesn’t want to disappoint the birthday boy or girl. There are definitely ways to create the most fun birthday party ever without going over the top.

All kids love treats, pretty much regardless of what it is. To make the goodies even more enticing and to offer up a fun experience at your child’s party, consider renting a popcorn, sno cone or cotton candy machine. The directions are simple, messes can be kept to a minimum, but most of all, the excitement and pure delight on the kids’ faces make it all the worthwhile.

What’s great about these treat machines is that they produce the treat quickly and with minimal effort. Typically needed are a few singular ingredients and electrical outlet. With popcorn and cotton candy machines kids loves to stand around and watch the corn pop or the cotton candy spin. Sno cone machines are just as fun and kids can help with pouring in the flavors of their choice.

Contact Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply today for renting a quality and affordable popcorn, cotton candy or sno cone machine. With one or all of the above, your child’s next birthday party will sure be one that’s never forgotten.

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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night

During the summer, or whenever the weather is nice, warm, and there’s no threat of rain, an outdoor movie event can be a real crowd pleaser. It’s best to choose a movie that has broad appeal—the kind that’s not overtly violent, sexual, or foul-mouthed so as not to offend guests or neighbors nearby. Indeed, be respectful of neighbors who may not want a lot of noise outside their window late-at-night—it doesn’t hurt to check with them beforehand to see if they’re cool with your plans.

The technology to host your own neighborhood or friends-and-family movie event is readily available and somewhat affordable. You’ll need a screen (or flat white wall/white sheet hung up on a wall) and a projector, along with some sort of movie player and perhaps stereo speakers in order to properly show—and hear—a movie outdoors. If you don’t have those things, ask your friends if they’ll lend you their equipment (and someone to run it!) and/or buy whatever you’ll need to show the movie outside.

Test the equipment before people arrive for movie time, to make sure it’s working. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of people gathered, ready for a good time, and for some odd reason the picture doesn’t appear, or there’s no sound.

Next, look around the garage or storage rooms for chairs, and if you don’t have many chairs that you don’t mind putting outside for guests to use, ask them to bring their own. An alternative to chairs would be blankets and pillows. And, since the event is outdoors, don’t forget bug spray and/or a light jacket in case it gets chilly.

Finally, what’s the one thing that goes with movies best? It’s popcorn, of course! If you really want to impress your guests, consider renting a popcorn concession. Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, FL, can bring the popcorn maker to your house or outdoor venue. The popcorn machine will be the talk of the party, for sure. Miracle Strip Popcorn can also supply outdoor movie nights with other favorites, like cotton candy, sno cones, ice cream, nachos, and candies. Movies and food—especially popcorn—go together well, and any decent outdoor movie night needs snacks to please the people in attendance.

To find out how Miracle Strip Popcorn can bring their popcorn concession to your movie night, making it more fun, please call 850-864-1139.

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Popcorn Machine Rentals for School Events

What kind of memory does the aroma of popcorn elicit in you? Are you suddenly 10 years old in a dark movie theatre with your parents? Are you sitting on your sofa watching TV? Who among us can’t admit to loving the buttery, salty goodness of a box of popcorn, famously foreshadowed by that blissful scent?

Popcorn is an intrinsic part of almost everyone’s life. We eat it when we go to the movies and watch television, and these days it is considered to be one of the healthiest snacks available. It stands to reason then, that when planning a school event and wondering what kinds of foods to make available, popcorn would come to mind. Renting a popcorn machine for your event is easy, budget friendly, and the results can be very profitable.

Whether the event is a fundraiser, a sporting event, a dance, or a school fair, popcorn will always be one of the most popular choices for the attendees. Having a popcorn machine at your special event will ensure long lines and lots of busy munching. Popcorn is reminiscent of childhood and fun-filled days, and kids and grown-ups alike love to eat it. Plus, like we said before, no one can resist that powerful aroma. It’s almost unfair!

Also, let us not forget that popcorn is a healthy snack, especially when compare with some of your other options. It has no sugar but it does have plenty of fiber, and it’s filling while being low in calories. It can provide energy without being a stimulant. You can put it into interesting, event-themed containers for guests to carry around with ease. If you think popcorn is too bland for the kids, consider the variety of flavors – and the list is endless – that can ensure there will be a type of popcorn for everyone’s taste.

Renting a popcorn machine for your school’s event just makes good sense. It is a wonderful way to provide a snack that is not only healthy, but also says, “Let’s celebrate!” Contact Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply for all your popcorn machine needs!


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People Love Coffee

Every day across the world, millions of people drink coffee. It’s one of the food and drinks we can’t live without. In the workplace especially, coffee has become a vital part for people’s focus, productivity and success.  Women see coffee as a good way to relax, and men indicate that coffee helps get the job done. More and more businesses are giving their employees the opportunity to have coffee at the workplace throughout the day.  After all, a cup of coffee from a convenience store, coffee shop or café can get expensive.

We carry a selection of brewing equipment and coffee stands which you can incorporate into a break room or area of the office and workplace. We also sell all the necessary equipment like pots, cleaning supplies and dispensers. Your employees will enjoy the Golden Café coffee and cappuccino. Gold medal special 100% Colombian coffee is roasted to the highest quality standards to brew the ultimate cup of coffee.

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Creating Your Own Carnival Fundraiser Event

Fundraisers are some of the most creative events to organize, and there are so many themes to choose from when putting together your own fundraising event. Everyone loves carnivals and street fairs. They bring back the sweetest memories of hanging out with friends and family on warm spring and summer days, munching on popcorn and cotton candy, and waiting in line for your favorite rides.

There are many ways to put together a carnival event; you need the space, a few fun carnival rides, and of course, concession stands filled with the smells of all sorts of salty and sweet snacks. As a matter of fact, filling up on snacks is one of the sweetest memories most of us have about our carnival experiences. It would be a dream come true for most children, and many adults, to be able to choose their favorite concession stand snacks for their own uniquely designed carnival event. Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply will allow you to do just that; create the carnival you’ve always imagined.

First, choose a charity or organization that you are passionate about, send out some fun colorful invitations to friends, families, Capture1[1]and business owners in your area who may interested in supporting your charity, then allow Miracle Strip Popcorn to help you turn your carnival vision into a reality. From hotdog steamers to sno-cone machines, you can have all the snacks and equipment to create a deliciously authentic event. Cotton candy and popcorn stands are must-haves if you want to bring back that nostalgic carnival experience.

Most importantly, at Miracle Strip, we can provide everything you need to have a successful fundraiser carnival event from start to finish. We are your “One-stop fun foods shop”, and we can provide you with all the supplies and equipment you will need to make your event a huge success, from set-up to clean-up. You can re-create all the childhood memories of being lost in the scent of cotton candy and the smell of buttered popcorn swirling in the air; while helping to promote and raise money for a worthy cause.

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One Of Our Favorite Snacks. Nachos!

They’re one of the premier concession and snack food staples; nachos. The delectable Mexican infused treat has become a mainstay at ballparks, stadiums, playing fields and carnivals.  Everyone loves a good helping of nachos.  Unlike other stadium and concession foods, you can customize nachos exactly how you want them. Accessorize them with different toppings and meats to create a perfect blend of flavor and taste.

This Mexican delicacy is great late night, during halftime or even on warm summer days between innings at a baseball game. With the simple basic ingredients of tortilla chips and melted nacho cheese, you’ll have your favorite snack in no time.  Check our catalog for rentals, ingredients and supplies for your next party or event. We have everything to make the perfect nachos.

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Funnel Cakes: A Festival and Fair Favorite

We all know the smell. Walking along the fairgrounds or through the different tents, rides and booths of a festival, the distinct sweet smell of funnel cake always seems to grab our attention and keeps us salivating for the fried dough and powdered sugar we so all the sudden desperately need.

1[1]Funnel Cake is a popular food mostly made and eaten in Northern America at carnivals, fairs, sporting events and at different popular areas like boardwalks and seasides. Funnel Cakes and the supplies needed to produce them are simple.  Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter into hot cooking oil in a circular shape.  We deep fry them the batter until it’s a crisp golden brown, and one completed we pour a generous topping of powdered sugar, although cinnamon, different jellies, Nutella or fruit have also been used to add extra flavor.

2[1]Funnel cake almost synonymously goes with the festival and fair experience.  Just like popcorn, sno cones, shaved ice and hot dogs, people almost always look for  a funnel cake when they go to an outdoor event. You can buy all the funnel cake supplies from us and bring that same festival smell, taste and experience to your own home or private party.  Kids love it, parents indulge in it, and every guest will want to try a piece of the fried dough covered with their favorite topping.

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The Sweet and Sticky History of Cotton Candy

Pink clouds of sugar wrapped around a cardboard cone; a familiar childhood memory for many who spent time at the beach strolling the boardwalk or enjoying time at the county fair. Cotton candy has been the subject of poems and in the title of books like, Nikki Giovanni’s Cotton candy on a Rainy Day, a metaphor for the yummy things we love, that disappear so quickly. Its’ a simple concoction, an easy recipe, that brings so much joy and smiles to the eyes of kids and adults; yet, it is one of the few food items we rarely, if ever, attempt to make at home. Cotton candy is magic. That is why we love it so much.

Cotton candy, one of the most popular concession stand items, is deliciously flavored spun sugar, called “candy floss” in Europe and the UK. It is best known in the United States and Canada, as cotton candy and its bubble gum colors come from the use of food coloring. Over the years, this sweetest of the sweets, has come in many flavors, from strawberry and watermelon to more recent exotic flavors like mango and pink lemonade. Many times the flavors of cotton candy reflects the culture and environment of those who make it; for example in Canada, maple flavored cotton candy is a very popular flavor.

The making of cotton candy dates back to the 16th century and was considered somewhat of a luxury because of the expensive process it took to make the confection. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that cotton candy was spun on a machine. This made the process much less labor intensive and cheaper to create, making it a treat that became available to the everyday person. Ironically, it was a dentist by

the name of William Morrison who partnered with confectioner John C. Wharton, who invented machine-spun cotton candy; hence the name, ‘candy floss” or “Fairy Floss”, which it was called at the 1904 World’s Fair.

In more recent times, in 1921, another dentist, Joseph Lascaux, from New Orleans, Louisiana, updated the machine that is now used to make this magical airy treat and officially named it “cotton candy”. In the 70’s this same machine was updated and automated again so that it now creates and also packages the cotton candy product.

In spite of cotton candy’s somewhat complex history, this very simply made, sweet and sticky treat is still creating sparkles in the eyes of every child at birthday parties, carnivals and fairs today; and in more exotic flavors than ever imagined. Cotton candy is still making fans after all these years.

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Sno Cones vs. Shaved Ice

So what’s it going to be, a sno cone or shaved ice? While you may think these are one in the same, you are sadly mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, there are some differences between a sno cone and shaved ice. However, whichever variation of flavored ice you chose you are sure to enjoy this refreshing treat, any time of year.

The Differences:

• A sno cone is a ball of ice granular, flavored with one or many sweet syrups
• Shaved ice is a lighter, fluffy version of a sno cone, also flavored by syrup
• Shaved ice holds the flavoring better than a sno cone due to its texture

If you are throwing a party, whether it is in the summer or winter, a sno cone or shaved ice machine is sure to make a lasting impression with your guests. Unlike a boring old cake or the overdone build your own sundae station; give your guests something to talk about during and after the party.

Great for parties, carnivals and concession stands alike, sno cones and shaved ice machines are a great addition to any event! If you are throwing a party in Florida, be sure to contact us, Miracle Strip Popcorn, for more information about our party rentals and supplies!

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