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Tips for Cleaning Popcorn Kettles

Popcorn KettleKettles can be hard to clean if you don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, Miracle Strip Popcorn sells Heat ‘n Kleen, a handy product designed to remove grease and carbon from kettles. Using the heat and soak process, the solution emulsifies grease and oil and softens hard carbon deposits. It can be used daily for sparkling clean kettles.

Heat ‘n Kleen starts out as a powder. You take about ¼ cup of powder and about two cups of water and pour both into your kettle. Heat the kettle to boiling point. That’s it!

Traditionally, people have used things like Brillo pads, stove & oven cleaner, gloves, eye protection, wire wheels, and pressure washers to clean their kettles. Thankfully, though, Heat ‘n Kleen came along offering a quicker, easier way to get the job done. Get Heat ‘n Kleen here:

Speaking of kettles, did you know Miracle Strip Popcorn sells supplies to aid in making popcorn and kettle corn for lots of people? Two supplies, in particular, are helpful. First, there’s the “Free-N-Easy Candy Corn Separator,” which is a lightweight spray used to separate caramel kernels once they’re cool. Next, there’s “Naks Pop Oil Bars,” which come in a case containing 120 sticks of easy-to-measure oil bars with zero grams of trans fat!

Miracle Strip Popcorn is a proud distributor of quality Gold Medal Products, as well as other respected “fun foods” companies. If and when you’re having a party and want to make it a great one with all sorts of concessions (fun foods), including popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, nachos, funnel cakes, candy apples and more, Miracle Strip Popcorn can meet your needs.

Located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Miracle Strip Popcorn’s email address is or you can call 850-864-1139.

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Kettle Corn Vs. Regular Popcorn

Kettle Corn Vs PopcornPopcorn is one of the most popular snacks on the planet. Its iconic existence is not just found at the movie theater; people have popcorn at a wide range of occasions and doctors are telling you to choose the fat free version of the snack for its amazing health benefits.

We can say there is not much that is controversial about popcorn except for the distinction between kettle corn and popcorn.

For some, when referencing kettle corn it gets lumped right in with the traditional bags of kernels we’ve grown to love and snack on. However, the two are certainly not the same.

Kettle corn is a specific type of popcorn. Traditionally made kettle corn is cooked in a large iron kettle that has been oiled. Once popped, the popcorn is tossed with salt and sugar for a very unique flavor.

Popcorn on the other hand is made from a special variety of corn that has been grown to burst open and puff due to heat exposure. Traditional popcorn is a high fiber snack, but is typically sprinkled with salt and butter for a savory taste and texture.

You can purchase traditional popcorn just about anywhere. For kettle corn, this type of popcorn is most commonly found pre-made at fairs and carnivals or you can attend these events and have it made to order for you.

Regardless of which type of popcorn you choose, this snack has been a favorite for centuries and both flavors provide the perfect snack option.

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for a unique treat or snack option, our popcorn concession machines deliver fresh popcorn for you and your guests to eat.

We rent our quality machines for affordable pricing and we give you all that you need to make delicious popcorn.


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The Best Additions to Popcorn

Popcorn Popcorn is great on its own, but for the more adventurous among us, there are several other things popcorn can be mixed with in order to create some interesting– in a good way– flavors.

As a snack, popcorn seems to go well with various little candies, including Skittles, M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Raisinets, Junior Mints, Sour Patch Kids, and other items you’d typically find at a movie theater candy counter. You can buy candy bars like Kit Kats or Hershey’s chocolate bars and combine those with popcorn, too.

Do you have any caramel sauce or marshmallow fluff in your pantry or fridge? If so, try mixing those things with popcorn.

If you want to try eating potato chips and popcorn at the same time, do it! Flavored chips can give your mouth some really amazing sensations. Why not throw in some chocolate chips and see how you like that, too?

For those who like cheese, try adding some parmesan cheese to warm popcorn; it’ll stick better if the popcorn is warm. Garlic powder is also something to sprinkle on top of popcorn if you like the taste of garlic. Fans of lemon can add lemon salt to their popcorn.

Though this may sound odd, it has been said that dill pickles go really well with popcorn, so it’s worth a try– you might like it.

When you want to experiment with popcorn combinations, black pepper and truffle oil has potential, as does dried cranberries and white chocolate. Or you can add olive oil and some lime juice.

What other foods should be “put out” at parties for people to eat, when popcorn is available? Well, pretzels, chips, crackers and Doritos are all good. Just to make things different, consider putting all of those together, mixed in one big bowl. It’ll surely get guests talking– and eating!

Got a party coming up and need popcorn? Call Miracle Strip Popcorn today at 850-864-1139.

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What Are the Best Concessions for a Summer Party

Concessions A summer party is a great excuse to break out the delicious snacks, and we at Miracle Strip Popcorn have a ton of awesome options that you could feature at your party. Here’s a look at our summer favorites.

Sno Cones

What’s more appropriate for summer than your very own sno cone machine at your party? We offer a few different types of sno cone machines, as well as a shaved ice machine, plus all of the delicious flavor syrups you could imagine. You want one half grape and one half cherry? No problem!

Popcorn & Nachos

We also offer all you need for a fully functioning popcorn party. There are a few different sized poppers, plus the corns you’ll need to pop, and gallons of delicious buttery flavor.

If popcorn isn’t your fancy, how do you feel about nacho cheese? Check out our line of nacho cheese products, and really get the party started with some delicious cheesy chips and dip.

Cotton Candy

If there are kiddos coming to your summer party, why not have them spin their own cotton candy? We offer all the bits and bobs you’ll need, from the sugar to the spinning machines. Get ready for a sugar overload!


If you’re doing an outdoor party, your guests will get thirsty. Why not have a delicious hand-made lemonade station? The kiddos can enjoy sugary sweet lemonade, and the grownups can toss a little vodka in there to make it a party!

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake isn’t the easiest thing to manufacture, but if you offer it at your party it’ll surely be a big hit with all your guests. Miracle Strip Popcorn has everything you need, from fryers to cake rings to funnel cake mix.

Hot Dogs

No backyard summer party is complete without some hot dogs, and instead of firing up the whole grill, why not offer your guests a snack on an official hot dog grill? Whether you’re into corn dogs or regular dogs, we have what you need.

If you have any questions about our products, or are looking for some more summer party tips, contact us today!


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How was Popcorn Invented?

Popcorn Today many people enjoy the taste of popcorn, but few ever think about where it first came from, right? How was popcorn invented?

Popcorn comes from corn– a large grain plant first domesticated by people in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. How and why does the corn pop? Well, corn has little kernels that normally have hard outer shells. However, when you heat the kernel, moisture within the kernel gets steamy and bursts the outer shell. The soft inner flake inside the kernel is then released and you’ve got edible popcorn.

While popcorn probably existed thousands of years ago if and when our ancestors heated up their corn over fires, modern day popcorn in America got its start in the early 1800s. As the Midwest grew, with more and more people moving there to farm the land, corn became a major crop of the region. In addition, thanks to steel plows, the soil was “worked” to help make it suitable for crops like corn and more. Soon, the Midwest was full of farms. In the 1820s, popcorn became a commodity, sold as “Pearl” or “Nonpareil” in parts of the United States. It wasn’t until the 1840s that popcorn became pretty common as a snack for people, perhaps aided by write-ups in magazines of the time.

You know how every year it seems like a new bunch of words make it into the dictionary? Back in 1848, “popcorn” made it into Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms. Since corn makes a popping noise when it pops, the name popcorn made sense… and still does.

Eventually the corn “popper” became popular. It was a device made of a box, wire gauze, and long handle. The popper allowed the masses to put kernels in a wire box and hold it over an open flame, making their own popcorn.

Of course, all sorts of variations developed, from “Cracker Jack” to the beloved “movie popcorn” sold in theaters.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach rents and sells popcorn machines and carts, as well as the things that go along with making popcorn, like oils, seasonings, and packaging. If you would like to have tasty popcorn at your next event for guests to enjoy, call 850-864-1139.

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Which Movie Snacks Shine the Brightest?

Movie SnacksA great movie is driven by its stars. Actors and actresses like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Pratt take blockbuster films to the next level while putting butts in the seats. But anyone who loves going to the theater can tell you the real lead in any viewing experience.

The movie snacks.

Everyone has his or her favorite candy, and movie time is perfect for indulging. Chocolate peanuts, sour gummies, and fruity chews are all popular choices at the concession stand. Here at Miracle Strip Popcorn, we like to kick things up a notch with carnival style cotton candy made with one of our professional-grade machines. Nothing can keep you from your candy during the excitement of a movie.

While some like to satisfy their sweet tooth, others lean towards options a little more savory. The best movie snacks also tend to show up at other spectator events, like the ballpark. Hot dogs and nachos, both commonly available at movie theaters, are undeniably delicious options.

By now you’re probably wondering when we were going to mention the biggest star of all. There is perhaps nothing else that goes hand-in-hand so well with a movie as popcorn-salty, buttery popcorn that keeps you munching from the very first scene to the closing credits. Movie theater popcorn makes every other snack an afterthought. Even if you plan on trying something else, the overwhelming aroma that greets you when walking through the door is all it takes to bring you back.

No matter which movie snack you choose, everyone knows you’ll need a tasty beverage to wash it all down. A classic, often overlooked choice is fresh squeezed lemonade, a treat still offered by some of the old-fashioned movie houses. Frozen drinks have become a more popular choice these days. The go by a number of names, but we’re pretty sure our sno-cones and shaved ice can do the trick.

Hungry yet? The best part about these popular movie theater snacks is that you can easily provide them at your next event. At Miracle Strip Popcorn, we sell the equipment you need to make popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, nachos, and a variety of beverages. Once you realize the leading role that movie snacks play, you have the power to take your next big showing to the next level.

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Bring the Stadium Concessions to Your Home for this Year’s Super Bowl

Super BowlSuper Bowl 50 (the NFL is suspending the Roman numerals for this one) will be played Sunday, February 7, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Super Bowl ads this year are going for $5 million for a 30-second spot! It has been said that some people love to watch the Super Bowl ads even more than the game itself. Indeed, the commercials are usually the highlight of many Super Bowl parties.

What can you do to make this year’s Super Bowl party in the Florida Panhandle stand out from all the others? Why not connect with Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply to rent (or buy) stadium concessions for use in your home on game day? Go beyond the norm this year. Sure, a typical Super Bowl party has beer, meat, salad (maybe), and desserts (of course), but what about adding on some surprises for your guests like freshly-made cotton candy or popcorn?

Imagine bringing a bit of the stadium feel into your home by having a proper popcorn popping cart or wagon rolled into your living room– it will definitely be a conversation piece and provide you and your guests with lots of popcorn. Indeed, if you want to mix it up a bit, why not serve freshly popped, warm kettle corn or caramel corn at your party? Miracle Strip Popcorn can make that a reality.

Located in Fort Walton Beach, Miracle Strip Popcorn supplies parties with all sorts of concession equipment and supplies, including hot dog steamers, nacho cheese dispensers, lemon squeezers, frozen drink machines, and the always popular trio of popcorn, cotton candy and “sno kone” machines. Kids and kids-at-heart especially like those. Plus, Miracle Strip Popcorn offers savory seasonings, oils, tubs, cartons, bags, cones and more, ensuring that you’ve got all you need to properly serve tasty foods, drinks and confections to your guests.

Every February the Super Bowl occurs, and people gather together to watch the game, the commercials and the halftime entertainment. It’s a fun yearly event for so many people. This year, add some stadium concessions to your home for the Super Bowl party by calling Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139 or emailing



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The Health Benefits of Eating Popcorn

The idea that every food that isn’t some sort of lean meat, fresh fruit or green, leafy vegetable is bad for your health is a common misnomer. Some foods that may appear to be unhealthy or lack the proper nutrients our bodies require are actually quite the opposite.

For instance, one prime example that comes to mind in this case is popcorn. We tend associate popcorn with all other junk foods that are bad for us, and this probably has something to do with the fact that we eat it alongside candy and soda every time we go to the movies. However, popcorn actually contains three different sources of good nutritional value that our bodies can use on an everyday basis.

First, popcorn contains whole grains. Whole grains are important to our body because they are comprised of three different parts, the germ, the bran and the endosperm. The germ contains healthy oils, vitamin E, protein and B vitamins. The bran is where you’ll find most of the fiber in whole grains. This also houses B vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants as well. Finally, the endosperm is primarily composed of some starch, protein and a bit of fiber as well.

Although you receive all the above nutritional benefits from popcorn, the most important one of them all is the dietary fiber. Each woman should consume about 25 grams of fiber a day, and men 38 grams. Instead, most men and women consume only about half of the recommended value each day. So, if you want to help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce blood cholesterol and lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, then start eating more fiber and popcorn just might be the answer to that.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up an event you’re planning this summer, then consider renting popcorn concession equipment.

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, FL, rents and sells a variety of machines that make parties and events fun. With a name like Miracle Strip Popcorn, you can guess that popcorn machines are a bulk of the business, but there are also cotton candy machines, nacho chip warmers, hot dog steamers, shave ice machines and more.

When making popcorn, it’s best to use stainless steel kettles to “get it poppin’.” Miracle Strip Popcorn’s kettles are stainless steel for many reasons. First, stainless steel is strong. It’s not easily scratched or dented, and can stand up to rigorous, constant use without causing problems. Impervious to rust, this anti-corrosive material will neither chemically react to foods with high acidity levels nor lose its shape at high temperatures.

Besides being durable, stainless steel cookware is easy to clean. Using soap and water, scrub away and don’t worry– stainless steel can take it. It’s rather simple to clean– easy breezy!

Another benefit of stainless steel popcorn kettles is that heat is evenly distributed, providing just the right heat conduction to get the job done.

Meanwhile, stainless steel doesn’t have pores, which means it is easily sanitized. There are no “little holes” (pores) for bacteria to grow in, and any residue or food particles can easily be wiped away from its smooth surface.

Stainless steel is smooth, hygienic, and ideal to use for cooking because it doesn’t absorb or transfer odors or tastes. Also, it doesn’t stain or discolor. Can you imagine what people did before stainless steel cookware and machines became the norm?

Call Miracle Strip Popcorn today at 850-864-1139 and ask about stainless steel kettles available for rent or for sale to enhance your upcoming events.

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Renting A Treat Machine For Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

A child’s birthday has a very different meaning for the parent versus the child. To a parent, their child’s birthday is a celebration of one more significant year since they day they were brought into this world. To a child, their birthday means yummy cake and lots of presents!

While it might seem sensible to stick to the basics of a birthday party, a parent really doesn’t want to disappoint the birthday boy or girl. There are definitely ways to create the most fun birthday party ever without going over the top.

All kids love treats, pretty much regardless of what it is. To make the goodies even more enticing and to offer up a fun experience at your child’s party, consider renting a popcorn, sno cone or cotton candy machine. The directions are simple, messes can be kept to a minimum, but most of all, the excitement and pure delight on the kids’ faces make it all the worthwhile.

What’s great about these treat machines is that they produce the treat quickly and with minimal effort. Typically needed are a few singular ingredients and electrical outlet. With popcorn and cotton candy machines kids loves to stand around and watch the corn pop or the cotton candy spin. Sno cone machines are just as fun and kids can help with pouring in the flavors of their choice.

Contact Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply today for renting a quality and affordable popcorn, cotton candy or sno cone machine. With one or all of the above, your child’s next birthday party will sure be one that’s never forgotten.