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Tips for Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

A child’s birthday party is usually a very fun and memorable event. When planning the party, first things first– ask the child what he or she would like at his or her party, within reason. Ideally, agree on some sort of theme, such as princesses or pirates. You can then make or buy decorations that fit the theme, and invite attendees to dress up in costumes.

Next, decide on the date and time of the party, and where you want to have it. Be sure and plan it so other kids can attend without having to compete with some other community or school event taking place that same day and time. Keep in mind sleep schedules and appropriate times for children of a certain age. For instance, you wouldn’t throw a party for a 3-year-old at 8pm at night.

Send out invites to the party. Before the party takes place, plan and get the kind of food and drinks guests will like. Candy always goes over well at children’s birthday parties. In fact, if you want to be the cool parent, rent a popcorn machine, a sno cone machine or a cotton candy machine from Miracle Strip Popcorn, and one or all of those items will be a big hit at the party!

Great parties include interactive games and colorful, fun things to play with, so plan to have the kids participate in physical and mental activities, such as coloring, hide-and-seek, or dancing to upbeat music. It’s also important to consider the length of the party– for some, an hour works, while for others, a party could last three or four hours. Consider both your child’s energy level and your own to decide the time the party starts and the time the party ends.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the cake and candles– always a highlight of a birthday party. And if you want to rent candy and snack making machines, Miracle Strip Popcorn can be contacted at 850-864-1139.

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Why Sno Cones Are Perfect for Adult-Only Summer Parties

Ahh, sno cones: what a perfect summer treat!  Whether you’re an adult or child, this syrup coated, icy treat is one that cools you down on a hot summer day – and are the perfect addition to any party.

Sno cones are traditionally for the kids, but here at Miracle Strip Popcorn, we know that adults enjoy the treat as much as the children do, and we don’t blame you!

There’s nothing like a nice sno cone to elicit some feelings of nostalgia. It might take you back to your first date at the county fair, or maybe you used to make sno cones at home with your mom and dad. Either way, there’s no reason sno cones are just for the kids.

Here are a three ways you can make them a hit at your adults-only party.

Throw a carnival themed party


The most obvious of ways to incorporate sno cones into your party: have a carnival themed party. Ask your guests to dress up to get into the mood and bring back the various elements of carnivals everyone knows and loves. Some other great additions include popcorn machines, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and maybe even a few clowns!

And to encourage your guests to try the sno cones, make sure you have straws, so your guests don’t have to risk colored lips!

Provide more sno cone toppings


Why stick to the traditional flavored syrup only? Provide some extra toppings for your guests to create a sno cone masterpiece!

Some ideas for toppings include:

  • Sprinkles
  • Fruit
  • Candy (an assortment of kinds)

Get creative – think of things you would like to add to your sno cone and offer them as options for your guests!

Turn traditional sno cones into sno cone cocktails


Summer, especially here in Florida, can get quite steamy. Why don’t you offer your guests a sno cone cocktail as a way to cool down and relax at a party (maybe even a pool party? Easy to make, prepare some cocktails for your party and have your guests add the sno cone ice to them.

Your guests will stay refreshed, cool, and we can almost guarantee that they’ll be talking about your sno cone cocktails for months!

Do you have any ideas for ways to make sno cones a hit at an adults-only party? Share them with us in the comments below.

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What’s the Difference Between Sno Cones and Shaved Ice?

Bluebear Ice shaver machine

At Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply, we offer professional quality concession equipment for sale and rent in the Florida Panhandle area. If you look at our website, you’ll find that we offer both sno cones and shaved ice. However, most people don’t even know of the difference between the two. While we’ve touched on this topic in the past, we thought it would be worth repeating. Because to us, the distinction is an important and interesting one.

  • Sno cones are made using specialized sno cone machines, which work by crushing ice cubes into very small pellets. On the other hand, shaved ice is made using either a cubed ice shaver or a block ice shaver. Unlike sno cones, shaved ice isn’t crunchy.
  • With sno cones, when syrupy flavor is added to the ice, it often ends up running through the ice to the bottom of the cone-shaped cup—most of us can remember this from our childhood, slurping up the liquid after enjoying the treat. Shaved ice is different, as flavor tends to spread more evenly throughout the ice.
  • Sno cones typically come in one or two sizes, and generally you’ll see them in a six ounce cone-shaped cup, with the ice being rounded on top of the cone. You can easily slurp it with your tongue like you’d lick an ice cream cone. Shaved ice is served in various sizes of foam, paper or squat cups. While also generally rounded at the top, it typically requires a spoon-straw in order to eat it.
  • One of the major differences between sno-cones and shaved ice is the number of flavors available. Sno cones, which you generally find at county fairs and carnivals, come in two to five flavors like grape, cherry and orange. Shaved ice, on the other hand, typically comes in many more flavors.
  • Sno cones are traditionally quicker and easier to prepare. Shaved ice is made to order—it can’t be shaved in advance.

Miracle Strip Popcorn carries both sno cone and shaved ice machines for rent and for sale in the Florida panhandle area. Visit our website for more information, and give us a call to add either tasty treat to your next event. There’s one thing that sno cones and shaved ice will always have in common: They both do a great job of cooling down happy mouths from the Florida heat.

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Sno Cones vs. Shaved Ice

So what’s it going to be, a sno cone or shaved ice? While you may think these are one in the same, you are sadly mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, there are some differences between a sno cone and shaved ice. However, whichever variation of flavored ice you chose you are sure to enjoy this refreshing treat, any time of year.

The Differences:

• A sno cone is a ball of ice granular, flavored with one or many sweet syrups
• Shaved ice is a lighter, fluffy version of a sno cone, also flavored by syrup
• Shaved ice holds the flavoring better than a sno cone due to its texture

If you are throwing a party, whether it is in the summer or winter, a sno cone or shaved ice machine is sure to make a lasting impression with your guests. Unlike a boring old cake or the overdone build your own sundae station; give your guests something to talk about during and after the party.

Great for parties, carnivals and concession stands alike, sno cones and shaved ice machines are a great addition to any event! If you are throwing a party in Florida, be sure to contact us, Miracle Strip Popcorn, for more information about our party rentals and supplies!

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