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We are back up andgoing after the corona virus situation.

you can call in your order or send in as a message. Most all item are in stock

there might be slight delays due manufacturing is trying to get back up to speed


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Who Should We Thank for Inventing Sno Cones?

Sno ConesIn the beginning, God created sno cones and saw that they were good. Isn’t that in The Bible? But seriously, folks, sno cones are an amazing invention– a godsend on a hot summer’s day, for sure.

When did the modern day sno cone come into being? Around 100 years ago, in 1919, there was a guy named Samuel Bert. He lived in East Dallas, Texas, which is definitely an area where it gets hot in the summertime. Samuel Bert was his given name, but people knew him better as “King Sammie.” He sold icy treats at the State Fair of Texas. King Sammie came up with the idea to crush ice and add flavored syrup to it. He smartly patented his ice crusher machine and used a wax cone to serve what became known as a sno cone.

Did you know that sno cones took over the world in the 1950s? Ok, maybe not the world, but they certainly were popular back then. For example, King Sammie’s stand at the state fair would easily sell more than a million sno cones per year in the 1950s. That’s a lot of ice and syrup!

People loved–and still love–that crunchy-yet-consistent feel of the cold ice on their lips on a hot summer’s day. Coupled with flavors like cherry or grape, it’s a tasty treat when the temperature rises above 80 degrees.

Besides state fairs, sno cones ended up becoming a popular concession treat at movie theaters and outdoor festivals. Oh, and they’re a hit at beaches, too.

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply can hook you up with sno cone machine rentals and supplies. Catering to the Florida Panhandle area, Miracle Strip Popcorn can supply you with cups, spoons, and straws. Flavor-wise, how about strawberry, blue raspberry, cherry, grape or green apple? Sno cones are a big hit at parties and events. Call Miracle Strip Popcorn today at 850-864-1139 to satisfy your sno cone fix.

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Why Hot Dog Steamers Are the Perfect Party Rental

Hot dogs are party-friendly food. When you’re having an event, indoors or outdoors, it’s good to have some of the party food staples, including pizza, hamburgers and/or hot dogs.

When you think about it, the name “hot dog” is odd, isn’t it? Many have argued about the origin of the name, but, in general, it’s thought to have come about sometime in the 1890s as a way to ask for a cooked sausage. Hot dogs typically are grilled or steamed, and then served in a sliced bun as a sort-of sandwich. All sorts of “condiments” can be piled atop the hot dog, including ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, chili and/or sauerkraut.

The nice thing about serving hot dogs at parties is that they’re pretty tasty and pretty basic as is…but then, with the addition of condiments, each person can customize the hot dog sandwich to their own liking. Some will pour lots of ketchup on them, while others insist on nothing but relish. Hot dogs, thus, are versatile.

If you have a party or event in the Florida panhandle where you’d like to serve hot dogs, why not rent a hot dog steamer? It’s a convenient electric appliance you can cook your hot dogs with, using steam, and they’ll be ready to eat quickly– for guests to enjoy. Meanwhile, a hot dog steamer also functions as a place to keep your hot dogs at a safe, consistent temperature such that you can have them on the steamer for long periods of time and people can eat them when they want to.

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply of Fort Walton Beach, FL, rents a hot dog steamer by the day or by the week. Want to rent it? Call 850-864-1139 or email with inquiries.

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Keeping Cool: The History of the Sno-Cone

With the arrival of a cold and snowy winter in much of the United States (but not here in Florida!), it’s nice to be reminded of summer times when snow and ice would have been welcomed as a cool reprieve from the scorching heat. In fact, this is precisely how the sno-cone came into existence. The tasty treat now widely enjoyed through all four seasons was created over time based on a unique set of circumstances and very practical purposes.

Before modern refrigeration, ice needed to be transported to warmer climates by wagon, in huge blocks to prevent them from melting. Stories out of Baltimore, MD from the mid-19th century describe children greeting the wagons on their way south, begging the driver to shave off a little ice to melt in their mouth and help them cool down. Eventually, mothers of the children began to make flavoring to prepare for the arrival of the ice. Before long, ice was being hand shaved at movie theaters so that patrons could enjoy flavored “snowballs” during the hottest summer months.

Snowballs spread gradually around the country, serving as an inexpensive, enjoyable treat during the Great Depression and an appropriate replacement for all the ice cream that was shipped to soldiers during World War II.

Meanwhile, the technology used to make what would come to be known as sno-cones was making big strides. In 1919, a man named Samuel Bert created a machine used to make sno-cones that he sold at the Texas State Fair. While Bert’s machine made sno-cones by crushing ice, a New Orleans man named Ernest Hansen introduced the block-style shaving machine in 1934. The new machine created ice shaving more in line with the actual consistency of snow, and made the icy cold treats a source of pride in the Big Easy.

Ever since, sno-cones have exploded into one of the most popular summer treats in the country. They’ve also inspired the creation of modern iterations like frozen coffee and adult beverages. The next time you cool down with a sno-cone, take a moment to think about just how far they’ve come.

To rent or purchase sno-cone machines and other fun concession and snack bar equipment for your business or event in Florida, contact Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply today.