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How to Run a Successful Concession Stand

Concession Stand If you’re thinking of running a successful concession stand, what’s your definition of successful? For most people, it’s this: a successful concession stand turns a profit.

In order to run a successful concession stand many factors need to be considered.

First, location matters. If the stand is in a location where lots of hungry people with money are located, the stand can make a lot of money quickly. Concession stands tend to do well when they’re located near places that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as restrooms, playgrounds and walking paths. If, however, the stand is set apart from “where the action is,” employees/volunteers will probably stand around, bored, looking at their smartphones all day– not good.

Next, timing is crucial. Lunch hours are always better than times of the day when people aren’t thinking about eating food or snacking.

What about the weather? If it’s cold outside, people will want something warm. If it’s warm outside, they’ll want something cold. Plan accordingly, and be sure to have enough supplies on hand to handle crowds all wanting certain things dependent on the weather and the time of day.

Staffing is important. Have you ever waited in a long, long line to try and buy something at a concession stand that only had one over-worked person in it? A concession stand could lose a lot of potential customers without adequate staff to meet demand at peak times.

Your food and drink items should be presented well, to entice people to buy them. Offering a variety of items, as well as different price points such that some things are cheap while others are expensive can help reach the widest amount of potential customers. Offering “combos” where people feel they’re getting a good deal is also a way to run a successful concession stand.

Finally, it’s better to run a for-profit concession stand like a business, rather than a hobby. Therefore, have the basics covered, including a cash box, calculator, gloves, markers, paper towels, a first aid kit, and any other things you can think of that you and staffers would need during a shift. Those who plan well, are organized and prepared to handle any situation that may come their way often manage to have successful concession stands.

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