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How to Throw a Memorable Halloween Party

Halloween PartyWhat makes Halloween such an unusual time of the year? Well, it’s a chance to pretend to be someone you’re not, such as a zombie, superhero or character from the movies. You can wear makeup, fangs, fake blood, tiaras, beards, masks, prosthetics and/or whatever else you want and it’s perfectly normal– it’s the one day/night of the year when you can dress up any way you want to and it’s all pretty much perfectly acceptable.

Halloween parties can be so memorable and fun when people wear elaborate costumes. Besides dressing up in costumes, Halloween parties typically involve playing games and dancing to music like the songs “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” Halloween parties are also a chance to enjoy all sorts of food and drinks. This year, why not get some cool concessions like candy apples, cotton candy and sno cones from Miracle Strip Popcorn to help give your Halloween party a theme like “the movies” or “freak show carnival?” Miracle Strip Popcorn rents and sells popcorn machines, sno cone machines, cotton candy machines, frozen drink machines, and much more to set your party apart from all competitors.

Choosing a theme can really help elevate your party from ordinary to extraordinary. If you go with the freak show carnival theme, for instance, you can have people dress accordingly, and your decorations can reflect that unified theme. Other thematic ideas include a “haunted house,” a “night of the living dead,” and “Harry Potter.”

Be sure to play scary sounds and/or songs for your Halloween party, to help set the tone and atmosphere. Dim the lights. Have a person hide from people’s view to scare them when they come around the corner– and use your smartphone to take a video so you can share that moment with others! If you want to play pranks on people, Halloween is prime time for shenanigans. Overall, Halloween parties are great times for tricks and treats.

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