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Most Popular Concession Rentals

Concession Rentals Miracle Strip Popcorn has several popular concession rentals. Perhaps the “big three” are these: popcorn (naturally!) followed by… cotton candy and sno cones.

Miracle Strip Popcorn is known for selling and renting popcorn poppers for parties and events. Whether the poppers are set on a tabletop or part of a matching cart with silk-screened graphics and 20-inch wheels, they definitely attract attention as people want to see the popcorn popping. They also like the fact that the popcorn stays nice and warm inside the popper until people are ready to eat it.

A popcorn machine rental can be yours for a day for less than $50, and if you need it for a three day weekend, the price is just $65. The Miracle Strip Popcorn Machine produces at least 110 servings per hour, making it ideal for parties and events where there are a lot of hungry people.

Cotton candy machine rentals are similarly priced. Producing one cone per minute, these machines are great for schools, churches, carnivals and other places where kids who love spun sugar congregate.

Cotton Candy If and when the weather is warm and kids want something cold to snack on, the sno cone machine is a must-have for any child’s party. In the winter, rent the machine to make “sno balls” for fun! Miracle Strip Popcorn’s sno cone machine can be rented for just $45 a day or $65 for a three day weekend. Producing up to 300 pounds of ice per hour, these machines easily meet the needs of even the most insatiable guests.

The great thing about Miracle Strip Popcorn concession rentals is that the company can also provide all the needed food items, supplies, and accessories, from sno cone flavors to cotton candy sugar and more.

Located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Miracle Strip Popcorn is a popular concessions supplier for many parties and events in the region. Please call 850-864-1139 for more info.

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