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Questions to Ask a Concession Rental Company

Concession Rentals Miracle Strip Popcorn is in the business of concession rentals. When people throw parties and want a professional popcorn machine or cotton candy machine they typically rent from Miracle Strip Popcorn. The company is also known for sno cones, warm pretzels, funnel cakes, nachos and more.

What are some questions to ask a concession rental company like Miracle Strip Popcorn?

Here are some that come to mind:

Besides machines to make foods, can I get other supplies from you to serve the foods to guests? Do you have experienced people come to my event to work the machines?

Do the machines come with instructions? Can anyone use them with no prior knowledge or do they need to be trained first? What kind of safety precautions need to be taken to operate equipment you rent out?

How do the machines get to me? Are they delivered or do I have to go somewhere to pick them up? Will I need a bunch of strong guys and gals to move the equipment on-site if I need to move it for some reason?

How long can I rent equipment for? Are there any discounts available for any reason(s)?

Besides these questions, you’re also welcome to ask for referrals to check with former/current customers. That way you can call or email them to ask about their overall experience and see how they liked working with the concession rental company. Oftentimes referrals will give valuable tips.

With Miracle Strip Popcorn, there’s actually an online catalog listing all the various things available to buy or rent. Check out the online catalog here:

Should you have any questions and want to talk to a person who has the answers about renting concession equipment and supplies, please call Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139.


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