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The History of Candy Apples

Candy ApplesRenown for being one of the oldest of carnival treats in history, candy apples are now a popular staple at birthday parties, wedding receptions and other special occasions. Its aesthetic appeal combined with its sweet, juicy flavor makes it one of the more popular concession snacks at myriad events.

Along with popcorn and other popular old-timer treats, the candy apple is a staple at fairs all across the country, specifically around the fall time. As a symbol of the fall season, you can expect to find candy apples at fall festivals and apple harvest celebrations and around Halloween.

If you have never tried a candy apple, you might be wondering just what they are and where the idea originated. First things first, a candy apple is a whole red apple coated with a thin layer of cooked sugar or caramel that is attached to a stick.

William W. Kolb first discovered Candy apples in 1908 in New Jersey. As a candy maker, he was experimenting with a cinnamon hard candy mixture for the next holiday season and decided to dip the apples in the mixture and display the candied apples in his shop window. From there, candy apples have remained a favored treat.

The candy apple is not just an American treat. The candy apple is enjoyed worldwide as just a delicious snack or as part of holiday festivities. In Germany and South American countries, candy apples are eaten during Christmas and in Japan, candy apples are feasted on during different holiday seasons.

A birthday party is a great place to offer up delicious candy apples, especially with it being fall season now and having access to a variety of really good apples. If you want to try making and offering a candy or caramel apple for your next birthday bash, Miracle Strip Popcorn will supply you with all you need with ingredients and equipment to use.

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Does Food Taste Better on a Stick?

Food On a Stick Think back to a time when you were younger. What do you remember about those days? Perhaps you can visualize your time at an amusement park, county fair, or party where you enjoyed eating cotton candy off a stick? Those were happy times, weren’t they?

There’s something fun about eating food off a stick. It’s a novelty for most people because they don’t do it everyday. You can eat cotton candy, hot dogs/corn dogs, and apples off of sticks while you’re walking around a fun place. The sticks make the food portable, and when you’re at a “fun fair” of any kind, you generally are walking around more than sitting around, right?

Consider caramel and candy apples. These taste great, but they’re pretty messy if they’re not attached to a stick. Whomever came up with the idea to put apples on sticks and then cover them with sugary goodness was a genius.

In many ways, eating food on a stick reminds people of their childhood. Most kids have gone places where their parents or caregivers bought them food or snacks on a stick. Suckers/lollipops come on a stick. Lots of candies utilize the stick. The stick is good.

It has been said that food tastes better on a stick. While that’s debatable, we have to consider that food on a stick is usually associated with pleasurable events when family and friends are having fun, typically outdoors in nice weather. So maybe there is some credence to the idea.

Miracle Strip Popcorn is in the business of delighting people with fun food and drink options. As concession suppliers, Miracle Strip Popcorn supplies people with the needed items to make and distribute food on sticks and other party-friendly items. From cotton candy to caramel apples and then some, Miracle Strip Popcorn’s website is full of fun snacks and more to choose from.