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Prepping for Halloween Festivities

HalloweenEvery October, Halloween happens. Some people love it, while others do not. For little kids, it’s a time to dress up in costumes and go around their neighborhood saying “trick or treat” as they get candy put into their bucket or bag.

Older kids and some adults like to dress up, too, and have parties. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a more G-rated “Harvest party,” one thing’s for sure: a good party needs fun foods like popcorn, sno cones and cotton candy from Miracle Strip Popcorn.

As for costumes, what’s hot for 2016?

A lot of ladies will go for the Harley Quinn look; she was a character in the popular film Suicide Squad. Be on the lookout for female Ghostbusters, too. Guess who is making a comeback? Wonder Woman. Other popular costumes for women this year include Supergirl, Rey from Star Wars, Pikachu, and Dory.

If you’re a guy, there are many superheroes to dress up as this year. There’s Captain America, Han Solo from Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and Deadpool. From the film Suicide Squad, you could consider going as Deadshot or Joker. Want to pay homage to Gene Wilder? Dress up as Charlie from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Another popular costume this year is the purple one for Prince, who sadly passed away.

On a happier note, unisex costumes for a Halloween/Harvest party this year include going as a Minion, Angry Bird, hippie, hot dog, banana or clown.

For those in charge of Halloween/Harvest parties this October, call Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply at 850-864-1139 to discuss your needs. Miracle Strip Popcorn is a full service supply, rental and retail center offering equipment, food, dry goods, cleaning supplies and delivery for the Florida Panhandle region. You’re welcome to visit the showroom at 918 Skipper Avenue in Fort Walton Beach to see what’s available to help make your party awesome.

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How to Throw Your Child A Memorable Birthday Party

Children's Birthday PartiesYour child’s birthday party marks a very special occasion. As they turn one year older, a party is definitely in order to highlight and celebrate their special day.

Planning a child’s birthday party is often a rewarding, but time-consuming task. You obviously want to make the day as special, unique, and fun as possible and there are easier ways to go about doing so.


As far as games go, kids love to play them, but they don’t like to sit at a table for too long waiting to play. Think of games that are quick, to the point, and are engaging for everyone. Water balloon toss, bingo, and small crafts are definite crowd pleasers.


Finger foods are a great idea for a child’s birthday party. They are easy to make and quick to eat.


All kids have a love for a certain cartoon or other television character like Mickey Mouse and Spider Man. You not only can decorate around the famed character, but how about a surprise visit from one too? It’s as simple as a costume store purchase.

Lastly, there are other forms of entertainment that will surely bring smiles to the birthday boy or girl and his or her friends. For example, machines that make a variety of every child’s favorites are a definite hit.

We are referring to popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cone machines, for instance. Ideal for any type of party, these treats are 100% suitable for a child’s birthday party. Either as a mid-party snack or a take-away for the end, you can’t go wrong with these options.

At Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply we delight in bringing smiles to children’s faces at their birthday parties.  Contact us to learn how we can help to make your child’s birthday party a success.

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What Are The Best Options to Dip Soft Pretzels In?

Soft PretzelsNot too many people like to eat plain, unsalted pretzels. One of the nice things about soft pretzels is that you can dip them in different foods and tantalize your tastebuds.

Soft pretzels can be dipped in honey mustard, cream cheese, nacho cheese, ranch dressing, and/or marinara sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, try dipping them in salad dressing, artichoke/spinach dip, or even peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

Have you ever dipped a soft pretzel into whipped cream? Try it! How about honey? Go for it. There’s always the tried-and-true butter/margarine to dip your soft pretzel into, which tastes oh-so-good, and if you’d like to mix things up a bit, dip it into salsa or chili!

Now some of the more unusual things people dip their soft pretzels into include lemonade and ice cream– not sure how that tastes, but it might be good. Pretzels are the rare kind of food that seemingly go well with “everything.” Simply made from flour and water, pretzels are easy to make, heat up, and serve. It’s no wonder they’re one of America’s most popular snack foods.

One thing’s for sure: soft pretzels and dips are a staple of events where people enjoy themselves. Almost everybody likes pretzels.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, supplies festivals, charity fundraisers and parties with all sorts of supplies and rentals to ensure guests have a great time eating fun foods like pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, funnel cakes and ice cream.

When you’re having a promotional event in the Florida Panhandle region, Miracle Strip Popcorn is your one-stop fun foods shop. From stands to machines, supplies to packaging, and all the way to clean-up, Miracle Strip Popcorn can make your event awesome. Call 850-864-1139 or email to plan your fun foods event today.

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Which Movie Snacks Shine the Brightest?

Movie SnacksA great movie is driven by its stars. Actors and actresses like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Pratt take blockbuster films to the next level while putting butts in the seats. But anyone who loves going to the theater can tell you the real lead in any viewing experience.

The movie snacks.

Everyone has his or her favorite candy, and movie time is perfect for indulging. Chocolate peanuts, sour gummies, and fruity chews are all popular choices at the concession stand. Here at Miracle Strip Popcorn, we like to kick things up a notch with carnival style cotton candy made with one of our professional-grade machines. Nothing can keep you from your candy during the excitement of a movie.

While some like to satisfy their sweet tooth, others lean towards options a little more savory. The best movie snacks also tend to show up at other spectator events, like the ballpark. Hot dogs and nachos, both commonly available at movie theaters, are undeniably delicious options.

By now you’re probably wondering when we were going to mention the biggest star of all. There is perhaps nothing else that goes hand-in-hand so well with a movie as popcorn-salty, buttery popcorn that keeps you munching from the very first scene to the closing credits. Movie theater popcorn makes every other snack an afterthought. Even if you plan on trying something else, the overwhelming aroma that greets you when walking through the door is all it takes to bring you back.

No matter which movie snack you choose, everyone knows you’ll need a tasty beverage to wash it all down. A classic, often overlooked choice is fresh squeezed lemonade, a treat still offered by some of the old-fashioned movie houses. Frozen drinks have become a more popular choice these days. The go by a number of names, but we’re pretty sure our sno-cones and shaved ice can do the trick.

Hungry yet? The best part about these popular movie theater snacks is that you can easily provide them at your next event. At Miracle Strip Popcorn, we sell the equipment you need to make popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, nachos, and a variety of beverages. Once you realize the leading role that movie snacks play, you have the power to take your next big showing to the next level.

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What Foods Do Nachos Go Best With?

There are few things better than diving into a delicious plate of nachos, but rarely is the snack meant to be a complete meal. This is especially true if you’re putting out nachos at a party or gathering where several people will be enjoying them. In order to give your guests a few other options, we’re going to go over a few of the best foods that pair well with nachos.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not everyone loves nachos, especially if you put a lot of toppings on them. For example, vegetarians will not be okay snacking down on nachos that are covered in meat. Give your guests an alternative by putting out a bowl of fresh greens so they can make their own salad. Even people who will be eating nachos will likely want something a bit lighter to go with it, and salads perfectly fill that role!

Other foods that go great with nachos include both beans and rice. These are staples of traditional Mexican dishes, and they can be mixed with the nachos or kept separate as a side. Speaking of which, you could also serve other Mexican dishes alongside nachos like quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas.

If you would prefer to load up your nachos and enjoy them as the main course, that’s perfectly acceptable as well! In this case, you may want to prepare a dessert instead. Something on the lighter side like a flaky piece of pie or cookie may go well after nachos, or even a bowl of ice cream!

No matter what you serve with your nachos, we have the ingredients you need to help you make a tasty meal!

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How Concession Rentals Can Help You Raise Money


Whether it’s for a school, a charity or an organization, using food to help fundraise your cause can be a hectic endeavor. After all, you need to have the right equipment, and if you don’t have a simplified process, it can be tough to find the manpower needed to continually churn out tasty snacks.

How Concession Rentals Can Help

If you were to rent, you wouldn’t have to worrying about purchasing something like a popcorn machine or cotton candy maker, as renting is always a more economical option. You would save yourself money that would ultimately help turn a greater profit from the from the event. Then after the event is done, you won’t have to deal with finding somewhere to store the items until you need them again.


Also, many of the machines come with their supplies included, meaning you aren’t going to have to take extra trips and spend more money for everything you need. In addition, you won’t have to about how the machines will get to and from the fundraiser. Most rental companies offer delivery and pick up, so that is one less thing you’ll need to worry about. This will also make cleanup of the fundraiser easier as you will have less items to clean which means you can spend more time figuring out the results of your event.


Miracle Strip Popcorn offers numerous concession machines for rental or retail including popcorn, sno cone and cotton candy machines. We are committed to helping you earn the best possible profits by providing you with the best products for your event. For more information on our products, please contact us today!


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Calling All College Students: Host a Circus Themed Party NOW

Circus Themed PartyComfort foods and candies, dressing up, and hanging out with friends are what most, if not all college students live for (when they aren’t studying, mom). Having a get together with your closest friends could be a way to de-stress, catch up, and have some fun on a weekend. Though a normal party with your friends may be fun, themed parties are always exciting; they give you a set way to dress and in this case, act silly. Both guys and gals can easily participate, too!

Why choose a circus themed party? The food, the exciting wardrobe options, and the fun entertainment and music are a college student’s dream “getaway.” Foods such as popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, funnel cake and sno cones are all traditional circus treats that we all enjoyed as children, and can now enjoy in your college years! Dressing up like clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, or mimes are only a few different ideas when getting creative for a circus themed party. You could easily transform any bright shirt or colorful pair of pants into the perfect outfit. The upbeat and jiving music will get everyone in a positive mood to mix and mingle, too.

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply is a company that supplies all kinds of concession foods, supplies, and clean up objects. Whether you are using these items once, or are planning to hold more gatherings or parties in the future, Miracle Strip offers both renting and retail options to customers.

Miracle Strip has everything you need for a Circus themed party:

  • Popcorn (different sizes) – traditional, kettle corn, and caramel corn
  • Popcorn poppers
  • Sno Cones and Sno Cone Maker
  • Cotton Candy blend and Cotton Candy Maker
  • Shaved Ice and Other Assorted Fountain Beverages
  • Funnel Cake Fryers
  • Nachos
  • Hot Dog Grills
  • Candy and Carmel Apples


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Make the Most Out of Your Baseball Banquet

When you think of the All American classic sport of baseball, what do you think of? Eating peanuts in the grandstand, the smell of popcorn by the concession stand, eating frozen sno cones are just a few of the treats that appeal to the senses and make everyone think of baseball. If you are thinking to plan an end of the year banquet for a baseball team, think no harder; we’ve got the ideas covered. A common ground for everyone attending the banquet is most likely that they all have a love, or at least a liking, for baseball. When you think baseball, you must think of all of the goodies as well. If you can plant the American dream sport into their minds, mouths, noses, and memory, why not do it?

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Stand Supply is a company that offers all types of concession stand treats and supplies for any occasion. Whether you want supplies for one time use or for a lifetime, Miracle Strip offers both rental and retail options. As well as offering dry good supplies and utensils, they offer cleaning supplies as well. If you’re planning a one-day party for a large group of people, Miracle Strip will make everyone’s day brighter. By using Miracle Strip, you will feel as if you’re running your own classic and traditional concession stand. Everyone’s favorite concession stand food and treats are all offered in this one stop shop.

What Miracle Strip Has to Offer:

  • Popcorn (Both kettle corn and caramel corn)
    • Different sized poppers and bags of popcorn, carts and wagons, and other supplies
  • Sno Cones, Lemonade, and other Cold Beverages
  • Cotton Candy
  • Shaved Ice
  • Nachos
  • Funnel Cake Fryers
    • Funnel cake pouring pitchers
  • Hot Dog Grills and Steamers
  • Caramel and Candy Apples
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Which Concession Rentals are Ideal for a Child’s Birthday Party?

Concession rentals are a fun addition to any child’s birthday party. Depending on the age of the child and the party theme, there are different options to make your party memorable.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a snack that works for any party. This rental is great for both indoor and outdoor parties and is one that all children will enjoy. Different flavors and toppings can be added depending on the children’s preferences, allowing for an easy yet customizable treat.

Sno Cone or Shave Ice Machine

Sno cones and shaved ice are best for outdoor parties in the summer months. They are a great way to keep cool in the heat, but can become a bit messy with younger children. These machines are a tasty addition to “Frozen” themed birthday parties as well.

Cotton Candy Machine

Carnival or circus themed parties can always use the addition of a cotton candy machine. This sugary treat can also be messy, so wet clothes or wipes are best to have on hand for parties including younger children.

Hot Dog Steamer

Hot dogs are a crowd pleaser regardless of the age of children or party theme. They can be served as a lunch or dinner, making for an easy meal. With condiments, each child can customize their meal to their liking; no worries about picky eaters.

Interested in adding a concession rental to your child’s birthday? Call Miracle Strip Popcorn at 850-864-1139 or email for pricing and more information.

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The Health Benefits of Eating Popcorn

The idea that every food that isn’t some sort of lean meat, fresh fruit or green, leafy vegetable is bad for your health is a common misnomer. Some foods that may appear to be unhealthy or lack the proper nutrients our bodies require are actually quite the opposite.

For instance, one prime example that comes to mind in this case is popcorn. We tend associate popcorn with all other junk foods that are bad for us, and this probably has something to do with the fact that we eat it alongside candy and soda every time we go to the movies. However, popcorn actually contains three different sources of good nutritional value that our bodies can use on an everyday basis.

First, popcorn contains whole grains. Whole grains are important to our body because they are comprised of three different parts, the germ, the bran and the endosperm. The germ contains healthy oils, vitamin E, protein and B vitamins. The bran is where you’ll find most of the fiber in whole grains. This also houses B vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants as well. Finally, the endosperm is primarily composed of some starch, protein and a bit of fiber as well.

Although you receive all the above nutritional benefits from popcorn, the most important one of them all is the dietary fiber. Each woman should consume about 25 grams of fiber a day, and men 38 grams. Instead, most men and women consume only about half of the recommended value each day. So, if you want to help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce blood cholesterol and lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, then start eating more fiber and popcorn just might be the answer to that.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up an event you’re planning this summer, then consider renting popcorn concession equipment.