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Prepping for Halloween Festivities

HalloweenEvery October, Halloween happens. Some people love it, while others do not. For little kids, it’s a time to dress up in costumes and go around their neighborhood saying “trick or treat” as they get candy put into their bucket or bag.

Older kids and some adults like to dress up, too, and have parties. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a more G-rated “Harvest party,” one thing’s for sure: a good party needs fun foods like popcorn, sno cones and cotton candy from Miracle Strip Popcorn.

As for costumes, what’s hot for 2016?

A lot of ladies will go for the Harley Quinn look; she was a character in the popular film Suicide Squad. Be on the lookout for female Ghostbusters, too. Guess who is making a comeback? Wonder Woman. Other popular costumes for women this year include Supergirl, Rey from Star Wars, Pikachu, and Dory.

If you’re a guy, there are many superheroes to dress up as this year. There’s Captain America, Han Solo from Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and Deadpool. From the film Suicide Squad, you could consider going as Deadshot or Joker. Want to pay homage to Gene Wilder? Dress up as Charlie from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Another popular costume this year is the purple one for Prince, who sadly passed away.

On a happier note, unisex costumes for a Halloween/Harvest party this year include going as a Minion, Angry Bird, hippie, hot dog, banana or clown.

For those in charge of Halloween/Harvest parties this October, call Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply at 850-864-1139 to discuss your needs. Miracle Strip Popcorn is a full service supply, rental and retail center offering equipment, food, dry goods, cleaning supplies and delivery for the Florida Panhandle region. You’re welcome to visit the showroom at 918 Skipper Avenue in Fort Walton Beach to see what’s available to help make your party awesome.

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How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Special

Child's Birthday PartyWhen you think about it, you’re only a “kid” for about twelve or so birthdays of your entire life. Since you’re just starting out in life, it’s important to really enjoy those birthdays because they help set the tone for the rest of your life. Think back to a particular birthday you celebrated as a kid that was amazingly awesome in every way– what made the party extra special?

Kids generally love balloons, animals, costumed characters, and sugary foods and drinks. These things can enliven a child’s birthday party, for sure. Kids also love feeling recognized by everyone else as the special person of their day, so little things like giving them a birthday shirt, button or crown with their name on it to wear for their party can mean a lot to them. Even something like a “chair of honor” for them to sit in on their birthday makes them feel special.

A particularly fun thing to do at your kid’s birthday party is to have guests hide their presents and then have the birthday kid look for them. This can help make the party quite fun, especially when the guests give clues to the presents’ whereabouts.

Now a kid’s birthday party is best when it includes some things they don’t normally get to experience in their daily lives. With that in mind, Miracle Strip Popcorn helps make parties “the best” by offering cotton candy machines, shaved ice/sno-cone machines (especially good for warm Florida days), and other concession products like candy apples, nachos, caramel corn and funnel cakes.

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is just a phone call away at 850-864-1139 or you can email to ask about the various fun food supplies available to help make your child’s birthday party extra special this year. From equipment to cleaning supplies, Miracle Strip Popcorn can deliver all your party snack bar needs.

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What Are the Best Snack Options for a Child’s Party?

We know that you want to make your child’s birthday party as special as possible, which is why we’re here to give you a few ideas. If you’ve been struggling to come up with a plan for the party, you may want to consider a few rental options. Party rentals are a great way to bring something fun and excited to the party without having to spend a lot of money.

So, what exactly could you rent for the party? Let’s start with snacks. Rather than simply order a pizza or bake some cookies, you could add some more excitement to the party by renting a traditional popcorn cart or cotton candy machine. These things will make the kids feel like they’re at a truly special event, and it will give the party a fun festival-like atmosphere.

In addition to renting machines to make snow cones, popcorn, or cotton candy, there are a few other options. If you have the space, you could rent an inflatable bounce house for the kids to play in. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are always a big hit with kids, and they offer the extra benefit of giving everyone a place to burn off some energy. You’re going to need it if they’ve been eating sugary treats all day!

Other rental options include hiring an entertainer like a clown or a magician. Renting some or all of these things will make your child’s special day stand out from the average birthday party, but it’s important to do what they want. Talk to your child about some of these rental options and see what interests them the most!

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Calling All College Students: Host a Circus Themed Party NOW

Circus Themed PartyComfort foods and candies, dressing up, and hanging out with friends are what most, if not all college students live for (when they aren’t studying, mom). Having a get together with your closest friends could be a way to de-stress, catch up, and have some fun on a weekend. Though a normal party with your friends may be fun, themed parties are always exciting; they give you a set way to dress and in this case, act silly. Both guys and gals can easily participate, too!

Why choose a circus themed party? The food, the exciting wardrobe options, and the fun entertainment and music are a college student’s dream “getaway.” Foods such as popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, funnel cake and sno cones are all traditional circus treats that we all enjoyed as children, and can now enjoy in your college years! Dressing up like clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, or mimes are only a few different ideas when getting creative for a circus themed party. You could easily transform any bright shirt or colorful pair of pants into the perfect outfit. The upbeat and jiving music will get everyone in a positive mood to mix and mingle, too.

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply is a company that supplies all kinds of concession foods, supplies, and clean up objects. Whether you are using these items once, or are planning to hold more gatherings or parties in the future, Miracle Strip offers both renting and retail options to customers.

Miracle Strip has everything you need for a Circus themed party:

  • Popcorn (different sizes) – traditional, kettle corn, and caramel corn
  • Popcorn poppers
  • Sno Cones and Sno Cone Maker
  • Cotton Candy blend and Cotton Candy Maker
  • Shaved Ice and Other Assorted Fountain Beverages
  • Funnel Cake Fryers
  • Nachos
  • Hot Dog Grills
  • Candy and Carmel Apples


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Creating Your Own Carnival Fundraiser Event

Fundraisers are some of the most creative events to organize, and there are so many themes to choose from when putting together your own fundraising event. Everyone loves carnivals and street fairs. They bring back the sweetest memories of hanging out with friends and family on warm spring and summer days, munching on popcorn and cotton candy, and waiting in line for your favorite rides.

There are many ways to put together a carnival event; you need the space, a few fun carnival rides, and of course, concession stands filled with the smells of all sorts of salty and sweet snacks. As a matter of fact, filling up on snacks is one of the sweetest memories most of us have about our carnival experiences. It would be a dream come true for most children, and many adults, to be able to choose their favorite concession stand snacks for their own uniquely designed carnival event. Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply will allow you to do just that; create the carnival you’ve always imagined.

First, choose a charity or organization that you are passionate about, send out some fun colorful invitations to friends, families, Capture1[1]and business owners in your area who may interested in supporting your charity, then allow Miracle Strip Popcorn to help you turn your carnival vision into a reality. From hotdog steamers to sno-cone machines, you can have all the snacks and equipment to create a deliciously authentic event. Cotton candy and popcorn stands are must-haves if you want to bring back that nostalgic carnival experience.

Most importantly, at Miracle Strip, we can provide everything you need to have a successful fundraiser carnival event from start to finish. We are your “One-stop fun foods shop”, and we can provide you with all the supplies and equipment you will need to make your event a huge success, from set-up to clean-up. You can re-create all the childhood memories of being lost in the scent of cotton candy and the smell of buttered popcorn swirling in the air; while helping to promote and raise money for a worthy cause.