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Prepping for Halloween Festivities

HalloweenEvery October, Halloween happens. Some people love it, while others do not. For little kids, it’s a time to dress up in costumes and go around their neighborhood saying “trick or treat” as they get candy put into their bucket or bag.

Older kids and some adults like to dress up, too, and have parties. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a more G-rated “Harvest party,” one thing’s for sure: a good party needs fun foods like popcorn, sno cones and cotton candy from Miracle Strip Popcorn.

As for costumes, what’s hot for 2016?

A lot of ladies will go for the Harley Quinn look; she was a character in the popular film Suicide Squad. Be on the lookout for female Ghostbusters, too. Guess who is making a comeback? Wonder Woman. Other popular costumes for women this year include Supergirl, Rey from Star Wars, Pikachu, and Dory.

If you’re a guy, there are many superheroes to dress up as this year. There’s Captain America, Han Solo from Star Wars, Batman, Superman, and Deadpool. From the film Suicide Squad, you could consider going as Deadshot or Joker. Want to pay homage to Gene Wilder? Dress up as Charlie from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Another popular costume this year is the purple one for Prince, who sadly passed away.

On a happier note, unisex costumes for a Halloween/Harvest party this year include going as a Minion, Angry Bird, hippie, hot dog, banana or clown.

For those in charge of Halloween/Harvest parties this October, call Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply at 850-864-1139 to discuss your needs. Miracle Strip Popcorn is a full service supply, rental and retail center offering equipment, food, dry goods, cleaning supplies and delivery for the Florida Panhandle region. You’re welcome to visit the showroom at 918 Skipper Avenue in Fort Walton Beach to see what’s available to help make your party awesome.