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What Are the Best Snack Options for a Child’s Party?

We know that you want to make your child’s birthday party as special as possible, which is why we’re here to give you a few ideas. If you’ve been struggling to come up with a plan for the party, you may want to consider a few rental options. Party rentals are a great way to bring something fun and excited to the party without having to spend a lot of money.

So, what exactly could you rent for the party? Let’s start with snacks. Rather than simply order a pizza or bake some cookies, you could add some more excitement to the party by renting a traditional popcorn cart or cotton candy machine. These things will make the kids feel like they’re at a truly special event, and it will give the party a fun festival-like atmosphere.

In addition to renting machines to make snow cones, popcorn, or cotton candy, there are a few other options. If you have the space, you could rent an inflatable bounce house for the kids to play in. Inflatable bounce houses and slides are always a big hit with kids, and they offer the extra benefit of giving everyone a place to burn off some energy. You’re going to need it if they’ve been eating sugary treats all day!

Other rental options include hiring an entertainer like a clown or a magician. Renting some or all of these things will make your child’s special day stand out from the average birthday party, but it’s important to do what they want. Talk to your child about some of these rental options and see what interests them the most!

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How Concession Rentals Can Help You Raise Money


Whether it’s for a school, a charity or an organization, using food to help fundraise your cause can be a hectic endeavor. After all, you need to have the right equipment, and if you don’t have a simplified process, it can be tough to find the manpower needed to continually churn out tasty snacks.

How Concession Rentals Can Help

If you were to rent, you wouldn’t have to worrying about purchasing something like a popcorn machine or cotton candy maker, as renting is always a more economical option. You would save yourself money that would ultimately help turn a greater profit from the from the event. Then after the event is done, you won’t have to deal with finding somewhere to store the items until you need them again.


Also, many of the machines come with their supplies included, meaning you aren’t going to have to take extra trips and spend more money for everything you need. In addition, you won’t have to about how the machines will get to and from the fundraiser. Most rental companies offer delivery and pick up, so that is one less thing you’ll need to worry about. This will also make cleanup of the fundraiser easier as you will have less items to clean which means you can spend more time figuring out the results of your event.


Miracle Strip Popcorn offers numerous concession machines for rental or retail including popcorn, sno cone and cotton candy machines. We are committed to helping you earn the best possible profits by providing you with the best products for your event. For more information on our products, please contact us today!


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Why Hot Dog Steamers Are the Perfect Party Rental

Hot dogs are party-friendly food. When you’re having an event, indoors or outdoors, it’s good to have some of the party food staples, including pizza, hamburgers and/or hot dogs.

When you think about it, the name “hot dog” is odd, isn’t it? Many have argued about the origin of the name, but, in general, it’s thought to have come about sometime in the 1890s as a way to ask for a cooked sausage. Hot dogs typically are grilled or steamed, and then served in a sliced bun as a sort-of sandwich. All sorts of “condiments” can be piled atop the hot dog, including ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, chili and/or sauerkraut.

The nice thing about serving hot dogs at parties is that they’re pretty tasty and pretty basic as is…but then, with the addition of condiments, each person can customize the hot dog sandwich to their own liking. Some will pour lots of ketchup on them, while others insist on nothing but relish. Hot dogs, thus, are versatile.

If you have a party or event in the Florida panhandle where you’d like to serve hot dogs, why not rent a hot dog steamer? It’s a convenient electric appliance you can cook your hot dogs with, using steam, and they’ll be ready to eat quickly– for guests to enjoy. Meanwhile, a hot dog steamer also functions as a place to keep your hot dogs at a safe, consistent temperature such that you can have them on the steamer for long periods of time and people can eat them when they want to.

Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply of Fort Walton Beach, FL, rents a hot dog steamer by the day or by the week. Want to rent it? Call 850-864-1139 or email with inquiries.