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Games to Arrange at Your Child’s Party

GamesAre you getting anxious about your child’s upcoming birthday party? Are you worried about what types of games you’ll have available to the kids? If so, don’t panic, we’re here to help! First things first– the best way to begin planning games for a child’s party are by keeping two things in mind:


  1. What is the age range of the children?


Taking into consideration the age and attention span of your child’s friends and family members will help determine which games are most suitable. Generally, younger children they love things silly and messy. This is a great age for crafts, obstacle courses, silly string and water balloons.


For older children, physical and challenging activities are great ideas. Obstacle courses that are more in-depth and games that require thinking, reasoning and problem solving will surely be popular.


  1. Keeping games simple increases fun for the kids.


As the old adage goes, less is more. Provide children with some structure and space, then let their creativity take over.

To help spark your own creativity and get you thinking about party games, here are some favorites:


Pin the tail. A party favorite of kids and has been for years.


Piñata. Kids will have a blast cracking open the piñata and scooping up the candy.


Minute to Win It. Based upon the popular TV show, you can create minute long challenges suitable for every age.


Egg drop/balloon toss. Each member gets an egg to toss to a partner as they compete to be the last group standing.


Sack races. Another classic, children hop to the finish line in what is always a close race. The game is fun for both children racing and adults watching.


In addition to planning exciting games, why not surprise your party guests with a delicious treat of popcorn, cotton candy or snow cone made in any of our quality machines? Contact us for concession rental ideas!



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How to Throw Your Child A Memorable Birthday Party

Children's Birthday PartiesYour child’s birthday party marks a very special occasion. As they turn one year older, a party is definitely in order to highlight and celebrate their special day.

Planning a child’s birthday party is often a rewarding, but time-consuming task. You obviously want to make the day as special, unique, and fun as possible and there are easier ways to go about doing so.


As far as games go, kids love to play them, but they don’t like to sit at a table for too long waiting to play. Think of games that are quick, to the point, and are engaging for everyone. Water balloon toss, bingo, and small crafts are definite crowd pleasers.


Finger foods are a great idea for a child’s birthday party. They are easy to make and quick to eat.


All kids have a love for a certain cartoon or other television character like Mickey Mouse and Spider Man. You not only can decorate around the famed character, but how about a surprise visit from one too? It’s as simple as a costume store purchase.

Lastly, there are other forms of entertainment that will surely bring smiles to the birthday boy or girl and his or her friends. For example, machines that make a variety of every child’s favorites are a definite hit.

We are referring to popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cone machines, for instance. Ideal for any type of party, these treats are 100% suitable for a child’s birthday party. Either as a mid-party snack or a take-away for the end, you can’t go wrong with these options.

At Miracle Strip Popcorn and Concession Supply we delight in bringing smiles to children’s faces at their birthday parties.  Contact us to learn how we can help to make your child’s birthday party a success.