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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

Miracle Strip Popcorn of Fort Walton Beach, FL, rents and sells a variety of machines that make parties and events fun. With a name like Miracle Strip Popcorn, you can guess that popcorn machines are a bulk of the business, but there are also cotton candy machines, nacho chip warmers, hot dog steamers, shave ice machines and more.

When making popcorn, it’s best to use stainless steel kettles to “get it poppin’.” Miracle Strip Popcorn’s kettles are stainless steel for many reasons. First, stainless steel is strong. It’s not easily scratched or dented, and can stand up to rigorous, constant use without causing problems. Impervious to rust, this anti-corrosive material will neither chemically react to foods with high acidity levels nor lose its shape at high temperatures.

Besides being durable, stainless steel cookware is easy to clean. Using soap and water, scrub away and don’t worry– stainless steel can take it. It’s rather simple to clean– easy breezy!

Another benefit of stainless steel popcorn kettles is that heat is evenly distributed, providing just the right heat conduction to get the job done.

Meanwhile, stainless steel doesn’t have pores, which means it is easily sanitized. There are no “little holes” (pores) for bacteria to grow in, and any residue or food particles can easily be wiped away from its smooth surface.

Stainless steel is smooth, hygienic, and ideal to use for cooking because it doesn’t absorb or transfer odors or tastes. Also, it doesn’t stain or discolor. Can you imagine what people did before stainless steel cookware and machines became the norm?

Call Miracle Strip Popcorn today at 850-864-1139 and ask about stainless steel kettles available for rent or for sale to enhance your upcoming events.

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